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Hannah's Special Place

You found it!!

Happy Birthday and Welcome to your area.

What is this place?? Good question i though about it last week while we were running round the country, along with one of the surprizes in your box (no more clues). I thought i need to do something for hannah "I could go out with you for your birthday bash" but i knew your night with the girls was a no Ross afair so as much as i wanted to see you in that dress (wow!!). So i needed to do something that was me but very very you.

So no doubt you are rolling your eyes smiling thinking i see you Ross i see you in all of this but where is me?? Paitence woman!! You are here all over this page is you, from what to do with those odd squares of coloured paper (yes i have a plan), to relaxing or exciting you in equal measure.

Why?? Because...I can't find the words but i think we both know. And after thursday i knew what to do :) so please browse and try and enjoy yourself


Ratus Bagus

P.S. I will always be Sherlock it is in my nature but you will always be The Woman

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