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The Hannah Relaxation Series: 1

Starting with the drinks:

If you need to relax after a tought day, week or maybe something really stressful the best thing to do is a drink.

1. Milk

First thing is first, milk can look seriously hot and after you have decided to wear it (can't wait to see how you manage that) frinking milk can be really good. Obviously there is the calcium which make your bones strong and protien for building muscles.

There is a lot of science behind why it is relaxing but the best thing to do to get all the results, get a pan with some water in it, fill a mug with milk and do not be afraid to add a splash of honey (cinnamon can be added), place the newly filled mug in the pot and stir until warmed to taste = One happy relaxed Babbit.

2. Cherry juice:

Science: Cherries are rich in melatonin, the prime hormone in sleep and a good sleep cycle.

The best way to use is regularly, one glass in the morning, one in the afternoon and the last one before bed with an extract of vanilla (for something different and to make sure your sleep is just what you need)

Most relaxing.....drink it warm (so relaxing best to do that on in the evening)

3. TEA

This is the big one, the last two have been helpful and great but the common denomitator is warmth. Warming a drink up automaticaly make it more relaxing, so absolutly zero surprize that the best relaxing drink is Tea. Problem is which kind:

Regular: Some Tea is better than no Tea but still...

lemon balm: Known to be relaxing, Lower stress and anxiety and to improve the mood of the person drinking it.

Green Tea: Loads of health benifits blah blah end result healthier and a lot more relaxing.

Chamomile Tea: This one is obvious the most well known relaxing tea in the world. For added Hannahness lemon and honey and maybe try a dash of ginger.

Best tea: Ross's special, the ritual, ingrediants and ambiance will relax the hell out of you!!! (ask for more details)

If in doubt drink anything but drink it warm!!



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