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The Days Of Bottled Gas Are At An End:

The Texol brand specialise in manufacturing quality Laboratory Nitrogen generators, Laboratory Hydrogen generators, Zero Air, TOC Gas Generators, Air Dryers and CO / CO2 free air generators and supply to the world leaders across a range of industries, from Life Sciences, Research laboratories, Food Packaging, Oil Industry, Laser Cutting, Medical Products and many more. Our laboratory gas generators can be used with a wide range of pharmaceutical equipment and medical laboratory equipment.

Designing and manufacturing laboratory gas generation products in the United Kingdom to use with pharmaceutical equipment, medical equipment and many other laboratory applications over many years, Texol understand how changing from bottled gas to on-site gas generation can benefit your business, and can provide you with a turnkey laboratory gas generator solution.

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Texol, Laboratory Gas Generators, Laboratory nitrogen generator, Small Nitrogen Generator

01. Microgens

Texol, Gas Generators, Zero Air

02. Zero Air for your clean air needs

Texol, Laboratory Gas Generators, Laboratory Nitrogen Generators

03. All our Laboratory Nitrogen Generators

Texol, Laboratory Gas Generators, Laboraotry Hydrogen Generator
Texol, Laboratory Gas Generators, TOC Gas Generator

Laboratory Nitrogen Generators,

Are Nitrogen Generators useful?

The Texol nitrogen gas generator provides nitrogen for a variety of diverse uses for a wide range of manufacturers and analytical laboratories. Coupled with the ability to provide compressed air, on-site nitrogen generation can become a major cost saving exercise, mentioning nothing of the other efficiency benefits for consumers who shift from a delivered nitrogen service to our nitrogen generators.
• Mass Spectrometry (LCMS instruments) • Drying Gas & Shield Gas • Fibre Optics • Medical • Blanket gas for Ovens • Special Coatings • Wave Soldering • Packaging • Vessel Leak Detection • Ionisation (API-ms) • GC-FID (Carrier gas) • GC-FID (Make-up gas)

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Texol, Gas Generators
Texol, Laboratory Gas Generators, Laboratory Hydrogen Generators


Uses regenerative PSA technology to remove water vapour from compressed air.

Texol, Gas Generators, Industrial Nitrogen

Industrial Nitrogen:

Our Zero air products produce hydrocarbon free air from

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