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What a wonderful idea, bringing in balloons into a building to provide a mixture or gases needed to operate a very high precision machine. The technology behind Gas cylinders has not changed over the years. There is still highly compressed gas that is let out over time providing the pressures and flows required. They are perfect until they are actually on-site then there are a number of issues. The weight and height of them make them difficult to handle and are a large health and safety issue. There is the inconvenience of organising the deliveries as well as the paperwork.


Monthly deliveries of these cylinders is not sounding so appealing now how about the cost?

Bottled gas can cost more than of £7000 annually the pay back can be as little as 9 months. With annual maintenance costs of our nitrogen generators a fraction of that, and life span of 10 years. Owning a nitrogen generator just makes financial sense.


What other benefits are there?

With our Tailed approach to filling customer requirements our nitrogen generators can provide multiple outputs, from different purity levels to compressed air outputs. Contact us to construct a nitrogen generator to your specifications


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