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Laboratory Compressed Gas

TEXOL: Laboratory Compressors

Texol, Laboratory Compressors, Laboratory Air Compressor, Laboratory Air Supply

Laboratory compressors are a vital component of a working laboratory providing air for multiple uses both direct and indirect.


All our laboratory nitrogen generators come with the option of laboratory compressors. We can provide compressors either built into the machine or as a seperate system as required. Our wide range of compressors is always avaliable, contact us with your requirements to allow us to personalise a compressor for you.

Laboratory Compressor Information:

Laboratory Compressor Technical Specifications:


Flow rate (l/min):




Outlet Pressure (Barg/PSIg): 

8 or 10/116 or 147



Power (W): 

500 - 4k



230V at 50 Hz or 110V at 60Hz



768-860 (depending on the requirements)



380 - 890 (depending on the requirements)



439 - 650 (depending on the requirements)



30-93 (depending on the requirements)

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