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Multifunctional, Nitrogen Generators

Texol, Laboratory Gas Generators, Laboratory Nitrogen Generators, Laboratory Nitrogen

TEXOL: Laboratory Nitrogen Generator, NG

The award-winning GeniSys NitroGenerator is a flexible and expandable state-of-the-art Nitrogen Generator that produces flows from 1 to 10 l/min and simply produces nitrogen when you want it.


The GeniSys NitroGenerator is a discrete, efficient, modular system that produces high purity nitrogen only when you need it – all you need is compressed air. The NitroGenerator uses PSA technology for superior performance and reliability. A range of models is available to cover most applications. When selecting a system, consideration should be given to the required flow rate, purity and delivery pressure. The larger units are fitted with castors to allow them to be manoeuvred easily into position below a bench top. All of the units in the range are built on a modular design to allow the capacity to be expanded upon.

Laboratory Nitrogen Generator Information:

Laboratory Generator Technical Specifications:


Flow rate (l/min):



Purity :

Up to 99.9995% (5 ppm residual O2)





Inlet Pressure (Barg/PSIg): 

Purity dependent (7 Barg minimum)


Outlet Pressure (Barg/PSIg): 

5.4 / 80


Power (W): 




Plug-in transformer (supplied) converts voltages from 110-230VAC to 24VDC



645-768 (depending on the requirements)



288-760 (depending on the requirements)



143-439 (depending on the requirements)



14.5-146 (depending on the requirements)


• High Purity Nitrogen (up to 99.9995%)

• Compact and lightweight

• Low Power requirement

• Flow rates from 1 I/min to 10 I/min

• Output Pressure 80 psi (5.4 Bar)

• Stand-By Mode


Typical Applications:


• Vessel Leak Detection

• Ionisation (API-ms)

• GC-FID (Carrier gas)

• GC-FID (Make-up gas)

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